Awards and recognitions

As a global technology and investment conglomerate, e& places emphasis on creating limitless possibilities built on connections, connectivity and collaboration.

We are proud to be recognised for our work in realising a bright, digital future for each person, community, and the world.

Each award is a testament to our teams’ tireless contributions, dedication and effort to constantly ideate and deliver innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.


Accelerating smart connectivity

Smart connectivity is the essence of what we do; the linchpin that allows us to imagine, innovate and implement ideas that enrich people’s lives.

In the quest for accelerating a digital-throughout lifestyle, we are equipping people and businesses with next-generation technologies that will bring unprecedented changes.


Staying customer-centric

The hallmark of any organisation’s success is a passion for serving customers. We take pride in being master creators of outstanding customer service by designing and delivering unique customer experience journeys across every touchpoint.


Nurturing future talent

Our commitment to raising leaders of tomorrow began when we started our journey more than four decades ago.

Today, we are continuing to encourage a thriving, open and inclusive culture where future talent can reach their full potential to become the bridge-builders that will impact lives.


Driving innovation

Innovation has no borders. It is the key that we’ve used to open doors to several synergies, fruitful partnerships and successful acquisitions.

It is our commitment to digitally empower societies by providing best-in-class innovative solutions, harnessing advanced technologies such as 5G, and maintaining our cutting-edge telecom infrastructure offerings.


Leveraging technology

Our technology prowess has moved the needle in how we address key topics that the world is facing today.

Through the acceleration of technology adoption, we are confident that people and businesses will be empowered to experience life to the fullest as they embrace a digital-throughout lifestyle.