Sustainability is at the core of everything e& does. Clear sustainability principles have always guided us throughout our journey of progress, diversification and growth. e& strives hard to operate responsibly and transparently by living its inspiration for ‘Make Possible’.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

e& continuously promotes an inclusive digital culture that brings the communities where it operates closer together. Through sustainable digital innovation, it aims to meet stakeholders’ evolving needs and enables them to achieve their goals.

e& has maintained the UAE’s network leadership with one of the fastest and most advanced networks in the world for the second year, and global FTTH penetration leadership.

e& was Expo 2020’s Official Telecommunications and Digital Services Premier Partner. The infrastructure we have provided has made the Expo 2020 site one of the smartest, fastest, and most connected site on earth.

Digital first

Fully revamped the digital channels with a unified user experience

Loyal customers

More than 2.5 million registered Smiles users

Data security

Zero cyber-attacks and data breaches

Digital adoption

227% increase in digital payment adoption since January 2019

Accountable Business Practices

e& aims to be a sustainability leader in the market by integrating sustainability into its internal systems and processes. Since the beginning, we have pledged to abide by the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, and equity to enhance long-lasting stakeholder relationships.

In 2021, e& demonstrated strong financial performance and maintained high credit rating. The Group was named the strongest telecoms brand in the world in January 2022, and also topped the Forbes MENA Top 10 most valuable listed companies in the UAE.

Increased revenue

Consolidated revenues increased by 3.2% to AED 53.3 billion in 2021

Higher net profit

Consolidated Net Profit rose 3.2% to AED 9.3 billion in 2021

TDRA compliant

100% in the TDRA audit for National Telecom Emergency Management Plan

Sustainable procurement

Spending with local suppliers accounted for 86% of total expenditures

Empowering People

Our people are the foundation of our success, providing the knowledge, skills, and dedication we need to achieve our long-term business objectives. By implementing global best practices, we are dedicated to developing our people to drive productivity, quality, and innovation and ultimately achieve our strategic goals.


Employee Engagement

79% engagement score in ‘e& Employee Voices’ pulse engagement survey

Gender equity

Highest ever female employment rate (24%)


Highest Emiratisation rate in e&’s history (51%)

Historic milestone

Record intake of 103 UAE National graduates in December 2021

Gold programme

Launched e& Group Organisational Leadership Development (GOLD) to build future ready leaders

Environmental Management

As a technology conglomerate, e& is committed to managing its environmental impact and protecting natural resources.

Over the years, e& strategically invested in a fibre optic infrastructure as opposed to the traditional copper cable systems due to the numerous technical and environmental benefits. Lower energy consumption, reduced waste and sustainable architecture make fibre infrastructure an environmentally beneficial choice.

Reduced emission

Indirect emissions dropped by 36% compared to the previous year.

Renewable energy sources

Diesel generators were replaced across 114 GSM sites with renewable energy sources from solar power

Energy savings

Deployed free cooling systems and hybrid solutions at more than 898 sites; achieved over 4 million (KWH) energy savings

Zero paper billing

Continued 100 percent e-billing to our customers; paper consumption was significantly reduced by 71%

Connecting Communities

Advanced technologies, social integration and equal opportunities are continuously implemented in the communities we serve. Not only do our activities extend to technological development, education, social and cultural engagement, and employee wellness, but significant focus is placed on encouraging innovation and creative thinking.

Wider Web

Introduced ‘Wider Web’ to enhance the web browsing experience of autistic people

100 Million Meals

Partnered with the Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative in its ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign during Ramadan

Health and Safety

0% employee occupational illnesses frequency rate for the second consecutive year

Digital Summer Camp

Launched the first-ever virtual ‘Digital Summer Camp’ for children of company employees

Sustainability Reports


e& Integrated Report


e& Sustainability Report


Together towards a sustainable future.


Paving the way for a sustainable and connected digital future.