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e& Signs World Economic Forum Communique on Climate Action

11 Dec 2023

e& Signs World Economic Forum Communique on Climate Action, affirms commitment to Net-Zero Vision in MENA

Dubai: e& today announced that it has signed the World Economic Forum's Communiqué on Climate Action at COP28, marking a major step forward in the fight against climate change. This strategic alliance, established by the Leaders for a Sustainable MENA (LSM), demonstrates e&'s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its leadership role in advancing the region's climate agenda.

This landmark agreement, signed by Hatem Dowidar, Group CEO, e&, and represented by Andrew Dunnett, Group SVP Sustainability at e&, represents a significant commitment to environmental management in the MENA region and represents a collective aspiration for sustainable development.

Hatem Dowidar said: "By adopting this communique, we are not only reaffirming our commitment to a sustainable future, but also setting a benchmark for others to emulate. Our efforts are in line with our long-standing commitment to serving communities and preserving our environment for future generations.

"As the Principal Technology Partner for COP28, we embrace our responsibility not only as an advocate for climate action, but also as an architect of change. Our mission is to turn the aspirations and ideas of a greener future into achievable realities.

LSM will align its efforts with the strategic climate pillars defined in the communiqué as a natural extension of its long-standing commitment to sustainability, which includes moving towards net zero by developing robust net zero emissions roadmaps aligned with global climate targets. This commitment includes setting science-based targets to significantly reduce emissions from its operations.

Borge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, said: “Representing 10 per cent of MENA’s current emissions, this coalition of top business leaders are going beyond pledges and are stepping up with concrete actions to reduce emissions and mobilise the ecosystem towards a net-zero future. This is not only about combating climate change, but about seizing the opportunity to drive a sustainable, inclusive and resilient future for the region.”

By joining the global initiative, e& reaffirms its commitment to reduce direct emissions by a cumulative 200 Mt CO2e by 2030, highlighting its proactive approach to immediate climate action and enabling greener growth through sustainable means, focusing on climate resilience and promoting circular value chains.

The global technology group will also continue to build awareness and capacity by educating consumers and supply chain participants, including SMEs. e& will share its resources and knowledge to support systemic environmental change, further engage with the public sector and work with policymakers to foster an ecosystem that drives emissions disclosure and a fair and equitable energy transition.

Andrew Dunnett, Group SVP of Sustainability at e&, added: "The Communiqué is a bold statement of our collective aspirations and a clear call for transformative action. As signatories, we are committed to leading by example, shaping policy and fostering international partnerships that amplify our impact on sustainable development."

During COP28, e& declared the Group's new short-term targets, submitted to SBTi, which aim to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 43 per cent and Scope 3 emissions by 25 per cent by 2030. These ambitious targets are in addition to e&'s 2022 COP27 commitment to achieve net zero in its UAE operations by 2030, signifying an unwavering journey towards a 1.5 degree future in line with the Paris Agreement.

e& has made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint, with energy-efficient wireless equipment leading to a 52 per cent reduction in energy consumption. This operational excellence has resulted in a significant reduction in carbon emissions, paving the way for E& to achieve net-zero operations in the UAE by 2030.

Global Leadership to Drive Positive Change

As part of its global leadership, e& recently joined the World Economic Forum EDISON Alliance, reinforcing its commitment to impact the lives of 30 million people by 2025 through improved network access, financial services and technology education. This initiative illustrates e&'s role as a catalyst for sustainable development and digital inclusion.

e&'s active participation and leadership in the Forum communiqué reflects its deep conviction that innovation and technology are essential drivers of environmental stewardship and social prosperity. With this milestone, the Group invites stakeholders from around the world to join this transformative journey and set a new standard for sustainable and responsible business practices in the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond.