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e& enterprise announces partnership with World Wide Generation

11 Dec 2023

e& enterprise announces partnership with World Wide Generation (WWG) to launch a global sustainability exchange platform for sustainability data, finance, and solutions

Collaboration strengthens e& enterprise's sustainability practice and further empowers its unique 'Sustainability as a Service' offering.

Service will utilise the G17Eco platform developed by WWG

Targets government bodies, large corporations and SMEs with comprehensive tools for mapping, monitoring and managing sustainability performance from start to finish

Dubai: e& enterprise today announced its collaboration with World Wide Generation (WWG), a British sustainability fintech leader, to launch the world's largest global sustainability exchange platform.

This project marks a crucial step in integrating sustainability data, solutions, and finances. Powered by WWG's G17Eco platform, e& enterprise's ‘Sustainability as a Service’ is set to transform the way in which organisations access, interpret, and act on sustainability data, offering insights, solutions, and support across various sectors.

Sustainability as a Service involves a diverse selection of offerings, such as sustainability advisory services for ESG assessment and target setting, monitoring and tracking platforms, and solutions to enhance efficiency and decrease carbon emissions. Additionally, it comprises a Centre of Excellence exclusively committed to supporting clients in governing and backing their global sustainability initiatives and performance.

Enhanced by the G17Eco platform, this service extends its benefits to various stakeholders comprising large and small enterprises SMEs, government bodies, financial institutions, and regulators. Its aim is to facilitate the end-to-end mapping, tracking, measurement, and marketing of sustainability performance. An essential aspect of this endeavour is the development of a marketplace that motivates and rewards companies with robust sustainability credentials through sustainable financing alternatives. 

The cloud-based G17Eco platform, powered by innovative technologies such as data bots, distributed ledgers and AI, integrates over 3,000 ESG metrics and 50 frameworks into a unified digital taxonomy. This integration significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with disclosure, enabling real-time data sharing with stakeholders.

Salvador Anglada, the CEO of e& enterprise, said: “We are excited to collaborate with World Wide Generation and utilise their G17Eco platform, which perfectly aligns with our sustainability strategy. Our partnership will allow us to work together on AI ethics, climate action, and sustainable cities, and demonstrate our collaborative dedication towards advancing the SDGs.

WWG's implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, such as data bots, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), is in line with our goal to advance community and individual progression. The organisation’s inspiring women leadership has elevated the inventive utilisation of these technologies, reflecting a commitment to objectivity and precision.”

Manjula Lee, World Wide Generation’s CEO and Founder said: "After six years of development and the launch of G17Eco a year ago, we are pleased to announce a partnership with e& enterprise. e& enterprise provides an optimal collaboration for advancing G17Eco's mission, beginning with initiatives in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to drive tangible progress in sustainability."

All data gathered through this partnership could be incorporated into an open-source World Tracker, which can exhibit the development trajectories of countries, with respect to their SDGs, in addition to their progress of the Net-Zero commitments.

Through this partnership, e& enterprise's 'Sustainability as a Service', utilising the G17Eco platform, introduces a range of services centred on sustainability. These comprise sustainability education, company monitoring at various levels, materiality assessment, portfolio monitoring for financial institutions, and assurance monitoring for direct support of advisory and audit services from the platform.