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UAE leads global rankings in Fibre to the Home penetration

13 May 2024

UAE leads global rankings in Fibre to the Home penetration

  • For the 8th consecutive year, UAE tops global fibre connectivity with 99.3 per cent penetration
  • e& UAE continues to support the nation’s standing as a global frontrunner in high-speed fibre connectivity

Dubai: The UAE has once again been recognised as the global leader in Fibre to the Home (FTTH) penetration. This marks the eighth consecutive year the country has held this top position with a penetration rate of 99.3 per cent, as reported by the FTTH Council in its latest annual report.

The report analysed data from 20 countries that have exceeded 50 per cent FTTH availability and compared global statistics on fibre optic network penetration. It placed the UAE above Singapore (97.1 per cent), Hong Kong (95.3 per cent), China (92.9 per cent), and South Korea (91.5 per cent). The ranking solidifies the UAE’s position as a global leader in high-speed fibre connectivity and underscores the vision of the nation’s leadership to prioritise next-generation digital infrastructure.

e& UAE has played an integral part in realising the nation's connectivity ambitions. With its commitment to digital innovation and interconnectivity, e& UAE continues to invest and develop world-class infrastructure for 5G and fibre networks.

Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO of e& UAE, said: “The UAE's proactive strategies and investments in fibre connectivity are a testament to both the nation’s visionary leadership and its confidence to empower people to thrive in the digital age. This commitment has established the country as the benchmark for how nations can enable communities through world-class digital infrastructure.

As the world continues to be redefined by ever-growing connectivity needs and data demands, e& UAE’s focus remains squarely set on the future by innovating, developing, and deploying solutions that will take connectivity to new heights – from 5G to the networks of tomorrow. Through these efforts, we aim to support and propel the UAE's prominence in the global connectivity landscape.”

The evolution of FTTH has fuelled the uptake of high-speed broadband, enabling businesses and individuals alike to yield substantial benefits. With their capacity to support higher data rates and readiness for future technological shifts, fibre optic cables play a critical role in the digital era. Beyond boosting performance, fibre supports energy efficiency and sustainability goals and is critical in advancing hyperscalers, 5G Advanced, data centre connectivity, smart cities, and AI-driven initiatives.

e& UAE has been at the forefront of digital innovation through strategic investments in mobile and fibre networks. This robust strategy has paved the way for introducing cutting-edge services that address customers' evolving needs. A testament to its standing as a prominent player in the global connectivity landscape, e& UAE was named the Strongest Telecom Brand in the World in 2024 by Brand Finance.

The company continues to push boundaries by launching 5Gbps and 10Gbps plans in the UAE. These new fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) plans offer a significant leap forward in internet speed, providing consumers with an unparalleled fibre optic experience. The telco also introduced Fibre-to-the-Yacht (FTTY) recently, seamlessly integrating e& UAE's advanced technology with pre-terminated fibre optic cables, bringing high-speed internet access directly to yachts.