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World’s first trial for large capacity transmission network completed

15 Sep 2023

Boosts green development initiatives with enhanced network capacity and efficiency for hyperscale cloud computing

Abu Dhabi, UAE: etisalat by e& today announced the successful completion of its 400G@ Super C+L transport network trial, conducted in partnership with Huawei marking a significant milestone in network capacity and efficiency, playing a pivotal role in supporting green development initiatives establishing a robust foundation for hyperscale cloud computing.

The Super C+L technology ushers in a new era of high-speed data transmission, serving as the backbone of modern digital transformation. In a rapidly evolving landscape where the demand for scalable, resilient data transmission solutions is paramount, the Super C+L trial stands as a remarkable achievement.

The Super C+L solution tested by etisalat by e& in collaboration with Huawei demonstrates the ability to support up to 12THz of spectrum resources, compared to the traditional extended C-band solution's support for only 4.8THz of spectrum resources.

The unprecedented achievement has resulted in a remarkable 2.5 times increase in network efficiency, effectively supporting industries' digital transformation. Expanding optical fibre spectrum resources emerges as a crucial strategy for achieving high-speed data transmission in next-generation Optical Networks.

Marwan Bin Shakar, Senior Vice President of Access Network Development at etisalat by e&, said: "The successful completion of the 400G@ Super C+L trial is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation, sustainability, and customer-centred solutions. Within an ever-evolving landscape where the demand for scalable and resilient data transmission solutions is paramount, the Super C+L trial shines as a noteworthy milestone."

etisalat by e&'s adoption of Super C+L technology not only significantly improving network efficiency, minimises energy consumption that contributes to more environment friendly ecosystem but also seamlessly aligns with our sustainability objectives, elevating energy efficiency and fostering a greener future.

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to investing in advanced technologies, empowering communities, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and enabling the digital transformation of numerous industries.