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Tier 4 certification from World Teleport Association

18 Sep 2023

Highest level of industry certification for e& teleports : Tawi al Saman and Jebel Ali

Abu Dhabi, UAE: e& has been awarded Tier 4 certification for its Tawi al Saman teleport in Sharjah and Jebel Ali teleport in Dubai, under the World Teleport Association's (WTA) Teleport Certification Programme.

e& has joined an exclusive circle of teleports, becoming the first in the MENA region and the 12th globally to receive such a prestigious industry certification. The Teleport Certification Programme entails a meticulous evaluation process, and the ‘Tier 4’ certification signifies the highest level of excellence. The achievement underscores the success of e& in establishing an environment conducive to satellite operators and service providers, leveraging e&'s capabilities to deliver satellite solutions tailored to the MENA region and global markets. The certification also reinforces e&'s support for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellations.

Nabil Baccouche, Group Chief Carrier & Wholesale Officer, e&, said: “The UAE today has a global standing in the space and satellite industry with a thriving ecosystem strengthening the nation’s leadership in space technology.  The Tier 4 certification from WTA reiterates our commitment towards contributing to building a robust satellite infrastructure. Thanks to our team’s continuous dedication, innovation, and commitment, we consistently uphold the highest standards of quality, security, and efficiency standards.”

e& currently operates a network of advanced teleports that enjoy comprehensive access to a majority of satellites spanning the EMEA and Far East regions. The teleports also offer connectivity to international submarine cables,  global VPN network, cloud network and SmartHub datacentres in UAE solidifying e&'s role as a critical link in the global telecommunications landscape. The Tier 4 certification is a testament to e&'s steadfast commitment to delivering impeccable network reliability and high-quality satellite services.