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etisalat by e& 5G-advanced network speed trials

29 Aug 2023

etisalat by e& completes groundbreaking 5G-advanced network speed trials

Abu Dhabi: etisalat by e& today announced a monumental breakthrough in its pursuit of cutting-edge technologies to elevate customer experiences with the successful completion of the “5G-Advanced” trial project under the leadership of Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA).

etisalat by e& has achieved 10Gbps throughput on the 6GHz band, a significant milestone that positions the UAE at the forefront of 5G-Advanced network capabilities. The achievement marks a remarkable advancement in data transfer speeds, solidifying the company’s commitment to revolutionising the telecommunications landscape. The trial focused on unlocking the full potential of the 6GHz frequency range and utilising the 400 MHz bandwidth to achieve the unparalleled 10Gbps speed while enhancing the user experience.

The collaboration between etisalat by e& and TDRA resulted in the ground-breaking achievement of 10Gbps on the 6GHz band, which stands as the highest ever achieved on this frequency worldwide. The accomplishment has profound implications for ushering in the digital transformation era, not only within the UAE but also across the globe.

Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO), Etisalat UAE, said: “etisalat by e& is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation to provide transformative solutions to our customers. Our recent achievement of 5G-Advanced speeds reaffirms our commitment to delivering high-quality and fast connectivity. The collaboration with TDRA emphasises our joint commitment to enhance the UAE's technological leadership and global recognition.

“This advancement paves the way for a seamless and integrated digital world, enabling the growth of IoT applications and metaverse technologies. The increased speeds support complex applications such as remote healthcare diagnostics, autonomous vehicle projects, and advanced industrial installations, contributing to a more innovative, interconnected society.”

The implementation of the "5G-Advanced" trial initiative reflects etisalat by e&'s commitment to fortifying these efforts in line with the UAE government's "Year of Sustainability" initiatives in 2023. It also aligns with the company's mission to enhance sector efficiency and solidify the UAE's leadership in technological innovation, thus establishing the nation as a hub for innovation, connectivity, and digital progress.