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etisalat by e& launches managed SDWAN services

29 Nov 2023

etisalat by e& launches revolutionary managed SDWAN services, setting new standards in network connectivity

Abu Dhabi: etisalat by e& today announced its partnership with global technology leaders Versa Networks, VeloCloud, and Fortinet, enhancing its portfolio and unveiling a transformative era in managed SDWAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) services.

This new alliance places etisalat by e& at the forefront of network connectivity, enabling businesses to benefit from improved operational efficiencies, enhanced security measures and a scalable network infrastructure.

The SDWAN managed service, supported by a software-defined network architecture, signals a major change in enterprise connectivity. It provides a flexible and responsive network solution that is essential to meet the dynamic demands of modern enterprises landscapes.

Hamad Mohamed Almarzooqi, Sr. Vice President, Pre-Sales and Business Operations, etisalat by e&, said: “This strategic alignment with global technology innovators ensures that the UAE market has access to leading SDWAN solutions. Our joint efforts will elevate the networking capabilities available to our customers and reinforce our commitment to service and support excellence. Through this synergy, customers can rely on the robustness, efficiency and forward-thinking solutions that are the hallmark of etisalat by e&.

“Recognising the critical role of SDWAN in enterprise advancement, we are aware of the urgency of rapid go-to-market. Our value propositions are carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our mission goes beyond the delivery of technology; we are committed to the effective deployment and management of SDWAN infrastructures, and we draw on the industry's most advanced expertise fulfil this ambition.”

In its pursuit to provide unrivalled service, etisalat by e& has invested in scaling up resource capabilities that facilitate managing sophisticated network environments and solving complex challenges. These specialists are the backbone that enables customers to maximise their technology investments while ensuring seamless service delivery and guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations through a dependable support process.

With the ongoing process of portfolio enrichment and with the inclusion SDWAN services, etisalat by e& strengthens its position as a pioneer in the technology and telecom industry. This development underlines its commitment to innovation in customer-centric solutions that enable businesses to remain at the competitive forefront.