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e& enterprise partners with Informatica

31 Jul 2023

e& enterprise partners with Informatica to accelerate data modernisation and governance in the UAE

Abu Dhabi: e& enterprise today announced the formalisation of its partnership with Informatica, a globally recognised leader in data management. Through this partnership, e& enterprise has proven its proficiency in implementing Informatica's cutting-edge Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ platform and solutions, resulting in substantial advantages for businesses.

The partnership aims to empower government entities and private corporations in the UAE by leveraging the power of data to enhance operational efficiency and drive digital transformation efforts.

Alberto Araque, CEO, e& enterprise IoT & AI, said: “This recognition is a significant milestone that is a true testimony to the expertise built within our teams in data, analytics and technology consulting. At e& enterprise, we have constantly strived to establish a robust data and Artificial Intelligence ecosystem to cater to our enterprise customers in the domains of data modernisation, advanced analytics, and the implementation of AI-enabled solutions.

“This has also enabled our customers to trust our accredited teams, who work closely with a team of skilled and certified Informatica consultants, equipping them to tackle complex data integration challenges and deliver successful outcomes.”

The recognition reflects e& enterprise's commitment to providing exceptional services to its clients and demonstrates its ability to deliver innovative solutions using Informatica's products and technologies.

“Informatica is committed to driving data innovation to help businesses realise the transformative power of their data. We continue to invest heavily in the Middle East, as seen with our recent launch of the first Intelligent Data Management CloudTM in the region, reflecting our commitment to supporting local, scalable cloud-first data management services,” said Yasser Shawky, Vice President of Emerging Markets Sales (MEA) at Informatica. “Local partners like e& enterprise are essential in helping us realise this data-driven vision to turn chaotic data into a trusted resource, fueling actionable insights and business innovation.”

The collaboration combines Informatica's exceptional cloud data management solutions with e& enterprise's extensive industry knowledge, specialised solutions, and expertise in systems integration and services, enabling organisations in the UAE to achieve data-driven digital transformation outcomes.

Data modernisation is rapidly becoming an essential driver for businesses across industries. It facilitates seamless access, processing, and analysis of vast amounts of data, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions. Data modernisation boosts operational efficiency, enhances customer experiences, informs business strategy, and can potentially lead to revenue growth.

The partnership brings together Informatica's top-notch data management solutions, trusted by 85 per cent of Fortune 100 companies, with e& enterprise's comprehensive industry knowledge, specialised solutions and strong skills. This partnership creates a powerful system integration and services environment, making it a strong choice for government bodies and private companies that want to use their data for the best digital transformation results.