Smiles rolls out CSR initiative

05 Oct 2023

Smiles rolls out initiative for the welfare of its delivery champions

Abu Dhabi: Smiles has rolled out a series of impactful initiatives designed to enhance the welfare and comfort of its delivery drivers, known as “Smiles Champions,” highlighting its unwavering commitment to improve the lives of those key to its thriving food delivery operations.

Smiles introduced this summer a fleet of luxury, air-conditioned relief buses stationed across Dubai and Abu Dhabi's prime Champion hub zones. Designed as rest areas for the Smiles Champions, these buses offer respite from the summer heat and uninterrupted access to chilled water, highlighting Smiles' strategic dedication to its team's well-being. The programme was launched in July and will continue through October 2023 to account for the extended high-temperature season.

Smiles has also implemented a new initiative, matching tips given by its customers to the Smiles Champions through the app, underscoring its commitment to recognising outstanding service.

Smiles plans to introduce other long-term benefits, such as unique prepaid packs for the Champions to stay in touch with their loved ones and additional insurance provisions.

Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, etisalat by e& said: “Our Smiles Champions are more than just our workforce—they are our partners in success, and their feedback has been instrumental in guiding our initiatives such as the prepaid packs. As part of our continuous efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Champions, all these initiatives are to show our appreciation for all their hard work that has led to the success of the food delivery business.”

Smiles is a growing SuperApp that features an expansive list of over 10,000 restaurants across the UAE, supplemented by various services ranging from groceries and home services to dine out ‘Buy One Get One’ offers and travel options.

The unique rewards and services platform showcases its commitment to its customers and delivery Champions through its Smiles CSR Initiatives, strengthening its reputation as a brand that values and supports its community.