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e& unveils GCC Innovation Hub at COP28

08 Dec 2023

e& unveils GCC Innovation Hub at COP28: Accelerating renewable energy solutions in telecom networks

  • Explores non-conventional energy solutions to power telecom systems for a greener future.
  • Creates a global consortium with interest from 39 operators in 30 countries and solution providers worldwide.

Abu Dhabi: e& has today unveiled its Innovation Hub for Power Solutions, a pioneering initiative established in collaboration with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Sustainability Alliance. Coinciding with COP28, this launch underscores e&'s commitment to advancing a sustainable future.

The GCC Innovation Hub for Power Solutions is created in partnership with regional and international partners like STC, Zain, BEYON, Ooredoo, Omantel, du, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Intel. It aims to spearhead the decarbonisation of the telecom industry, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. As a central platform and collaborative ecosystem for sharing expertise and green solutions, it also plays a vital role in aligning with e&'s long-term strategy of incorporating sustainable energy sources and achieving net-zero emissions. 

This strategic initiative highlights e&'s dedication to environmental responsibility and establishes its position as a leader of sustainable innovation in the telecom industry. Additionally, it advocates for eco-friendly actions to support the global efforts against the climate change.

Mohamed H Almarzooqi, Senior Vice President, Access Network, e& international said: “e& today is actively engaged and shaping the future of the telecom sector, and as the demand to transition to more renewable sources of power continues to increase, the establishment of the hub marks a significant milestone in revolutionising the sector's power consumption landscape. It's a collaborative effort that has brought together the brightest minds in the industry and cutting-edge technologies equipping telecom operators with the tools and resources they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

"The inauguration of the Innovation Hub for Power Solutions during COP28 highlights the telecoms industry's collective efforts towards achieving net zero emissions, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship. We are not just accelerating innovation; we are uniting a global community towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future."

The Hub has garnered significant attention, drawing in 39 telecoms operators from 30 different countries, as well as an assortment of solution providers such as telecoms suppliers, specialists in renewable energy, battery manufacturers, investors, and research and development centres. This consortium serves as a manifestation of the telecoms industry's worldwide aim for adopting sustainable practices.

John Giusti, Chief Regulatory Officer and Climate Action sponsor for the GSMA, said: “The mobile industry is taking a leading role to drive change in supporting Net Zero goals, both across our own operations and as a powerful enabler of sustainability for other industries. The GCC region is already a thriving centre of telecoms innovation, and we welcome the establishment of the Innovation Hub for Power Solutions as a new focal point for the development of innovative, sustainable solutions that will drive down the environmental and financial costs of running networks.”

The Innovation Hub for Power Solutions’ primary objective is to facilitate collaboration to create state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions. Its purpose is to serve as an incubator for proof-of-concept projects, enhance cooperation, lower investment obstacles, expedite trials, and rapidly deploy successful innovations to the market.

The effectiveness and environmental impact of the innovations promoted by the Innovation Hub for Power Solutions will determine its success, with a particular focus on their contribution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. e& is dedicated to creating an environment that encourages innovative solutions, strengthening the industry's sustainability commitment and playing a crucial role in the global effort towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet.