e& recognises partners in telecom, technology, and business

16 Jun 2023

Abu Dhabi, UAE : e& held its annual awards ceremony to celebrate the exceptional contribution and long-term affiliation of its telecom partners marking an important milestone in e&’s transformation journey to a leading global technology group, highlighting the collaborative spirit and commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

The event was attended by more than 450 partner representatives bringing together industry leaders, executives, and key stakeholders to acknowledge the outstanding performance and collaboration of its partners and internal teams who have played a vital role in e&’s success journey. This event served as a platform to express gratitude for their unwavering dedication and support in delivering high-quality products and services to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. The celebration was attended by leaders in the telecom, technology, sustainability, and business sectors.

Saeed Al Zarooni, Group Chief Procurement Officer at e&, honoured the partners in the presence of senior officials from the Group, including Obaid Bokisha, Group Chief Operations Officer at e& and from etisalat by e& included Khaled Murshid, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Haitham Abdul Razzaq, Chief Business Officer, Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer and Abdulla Al Ahmed, Senior Vice President, Government Sales. This annual event offers an opportunity for e&’s leadership to share their insights and explore future avenues for growth and collaboration.

The Telecom Partner Recognition awards ceremony exemplifies e&’s dedication to nurturing strong relationships with its partners and nurturing a collaborative ecosystem that drives mutual growth and success. By recognising and celebrating the accomplishments of its partners, e& aims to inspire continued excellence and innovation throughout the telecom industry.

Speaking at the event, Saeed Alzarooni expressed his appreciation for the remarkable contribution of these partners, he stated, "Our partners are one of the main reasons for e&'s growth to date, which has led to the Group being recognised as one of the strongest global brands. We see in each partnership a wide range of opportunities that allow us to apply innovation, adopt the latest technologies, and work together to explore new areas through research and development in order to harness the best services and products. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration has significantly contributed to our ability to deliver exceptional services to our customers and stay ahead in the highly competitive market."

Internal teams from Technology, Business, Consumer and Brand & Communications departments were recognised as well with an ‘Internal Prosperity Award’. e& is keen to enhance participation and interaction between internal departments through several initiatives aimed at encouraging positive and effective performance. This has also positioned the group as the only technology company in the MENA region to be ranked among the best employers in the ‘Forbes’ list.

During the event there were also insights shared on e&’s sustainability journey by Mohammad Marzooqi, Senior Vice President, Access Network, e& international. He took the audience through e&’s energy efficiency programme focusing on a number of initiatives to reduce consumption and increasing renewable energy share to facilities and the carbon offset scheme.

The event highlighted e&’s efforts and decisive steps taken to strengthen the foundations of collaboration with its telecoms and technology partners to further improve business performance and employee innovation across its portfolio, stimulating fruitful partnerships and pioneering digital projects to realise e&'s vision of connecting communities.

During the ceremony, awards were presented in various categories that reflect the diverse range of partner contributions, including sustainability, business continuity, health and safety, project delivery, outsourcing, quality, performance, value creation, ICV (In Country Value) among others.

UAE has been actively working towards achieving its COP28 Vision and e& is committing to this through its value partners and has recognised those who have implemented various initiatives that help promote a greener and more sustainable future. Moreover, ICV award recognises Partners who play a vital role in boosting the UAE economy by promoting localisation, diversification, and sustainable growth. These Partners have time and again demonstrated their commitment to investments in local industries to stimulate economic activity within the country.