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e& to embed GPT in its products and services

30 Mar 2023

• etisalat by e& will integrate  GPT in internal operations during phase 1
• Integration aims to improve customer service and products, elevate employee experience
• Testing  GPT service with the aim of revolutionising the media industry

Abu Dhabi, UAE: e& today, as part of its existing strategic partnership with Microsoft, announced the integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI's GPT, into its internal operations and processes in addition to a potential service for elevating customer experience and supporting the media industry in their daily tasks.

e& becomes one of the first digital conglomerate in the MENA region to utilise GPT capabilities in Azure OpenAI Service to enhance its customer service and products, marking an important step in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the technology and telecom sector.

Building on the partnership between e& and Microsoft, the integration aims to improve the customer experience and optimise internal operations, including HR within the company, to enhance its overall performance and enable faster decision making by leveraging the latest advancements in AI technology.

Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO, etisalat by e& UAE, said: "We are excited about this project with Microsoft as we believe this innovative solution will lead to a sustainable and efficient ecosystem, improving the customers' overall experience and helping businesses in the region grow. GPT can be a valuable tool for employees in a company, providing assistance and support in various ways improving efficiency across the business operations. This can also be a powerful tool for improving customer experience helping businesses provide more personalised customer support. In the ever evolving media industry AI tools like these can help optimise content as well as improve engagement and gain audience insights.”

Naim Yazbeck, GM Microsoft UAE, said: "e& has been a long-standing strategic partner for us, and we look forward to further exploring the integration of cutting-edge technologies into their innovative services. We debuted Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enable customers to tap into the power of large-scale generative AI models with the enterprise promises customers have come to expect from our Azure cloud and computing infrastructure—security, reliability, compliance, data privacy, and built-in Responsible AI capabilities."

In the first phase of the deployment, etisalat by e& plans to integrate Azure OpenAI Service capabilities into its internal operations, including HR chatbot and decision making processes. This integration will enable the company to make faster and more informed decisions, improve key performance indicators (KPIs) and reduce the time and effort spent on daily operations.

The use of Azure OpenAI Service will enable etisalat by e& to streamline its processes, making them more effective and efficient, ultimately resulting in a better experience for its customers.

etisalat by e& will also  leverage Azure OpenAI Service for different solutions and services in the UAE, starting with a service targeting the media industry. Using Azure OpenAI Service, media professionals, including editors, will have access to a powerful AI tool that will assist in their daily tasks, such as content creation, editing, translating and publishing, allowing them to focus on more creative tasks and improve the quality of their work.

e& and Microsoft entered into a long-term strategic collaboration in 2022 to transform the lives of e&'s customers and advance enterprises' digitalisation journey. The partnership, which was e&'s first strategic alliance after its repositioning, focused on harnessing the versatility of the Microsoft Cloud and partner ecosystem to create new solutions and accelerate value creation for businesses.