Satellite Services

Satellites covering the world

We are extending the broadcasters’ reach nationally, regionally and globally with our managed VSAT services with multiple VSAT earth stations and satellite coverage across the globe over different bands and etisalat broadcast hub.
You can also count on us with antenna and telecom infrastructure hosting, space segment, multiple encryption options and telecom services, including internet, connectivity and voice services.


Etisalat VSAT

Reliable, scalable and redundant satellite infrastructure combined with an extensive satellite selection for different band satellite fleet make us the number one provider for VSAT users.
More than 40 antennas, ranging up to 32m, are placed on our interconnected diversified 3 earth stations and we provide uplink/downlink services in different band frequencies via range of satellites.

Your solution for reliable global connectivity

Gain in productivity, efficiency and profitability and predict your costs with these benefits:


Costs independent of distance and terrain


Rapid set-up and relocation

Service provider

Network management, maintenance and control by the service provider

VSAT services

Managed VSAT services with multiple satellite coverage spread worldwide over different bands. Customized solution provided by etisalat design experts meet your specific requirements.

VNO and Hosted VNO

Top virtual network operators with provided iDirect equipment


Newest system support, Newly developed Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite (DVB-S) system supports DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X


Single channel per carrier, With dedicated circuit between remote sites


Demand Assigned Multiple Access Configuration

Media Hub Services

Whether broadcast, digital TV, video services or live events, our media hub will ensure good coverage and reliability.

Broadcast Services

Extending broadcasters’ reach nationally, regionally and globally

Direct-to-Home (DTH) Services

Uplinking a range of TV and radio channels via our digital bouquet

Tv Uplink/Downlink and Turn Around Services

Providing digital TV uplink/downlink and Turn Around services in C and Ku band

Live Content Delivery

Supplying with station terminals, Transportable and fly-away earth station terminals Satellite News Gathering (SNG), providing up/downlink services in C and Ku-Band frequencies

Audio/Commentary Circuits

Covering live events over ISDN between etisalat studio and event site

Video Connect Services

Providing secure and reliable delivery of video locally and globally

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